Web Apps - Tailor Made for Business

Your business may have special requirements which go far beyond simple web content.

Web Applications can enable a unique web experience tailored to your specific business requirements.

We can hook up your applications to secure databases, Google maps, complex workflows and calculations, presenting all this in an intuitive interface.

Your imagination and business knowledge in combination with our skills can create a great experience for your visitors.

To help in understanding what Web Applications can do, we have outlined some real-world Protean examples below:

Web App Management

Case Study 1 - Examinations

The Supply UK Group provide training to major water utilities and their contractors throughout the UK.

The online training application allows visitors to sign up, study course material, take an exam and receive a certificate of competency

In the background, management can see a real-time view of examination attendees and produce detailed reports.

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Calm Networks Online Training

Case Study 2 - Splashbacks

Sprayed Splashbacks produce glass panels which are sprayed with a wide range of colours.

A website visitor can specify glass colour, dimensions and options. A quotation cost is calculated and instantly provided to the client.

The quotation is stored in a central database and can be accessed by management in real time for further processing and follow-up.

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Splashbacks Colour Picker