Web Design - Merging Content with Style

When considering a website for your business, establishing the correct design foundation is critical to success, now and into the future.

Good design encompasses two key elements; Content and Style:

  1. Content - the core text and images.
    This conveys what your business is all about. 
    It makes sense to focus on content and establish the key information your business wishes to project.
  2. Style - the way in which content is presented to your audience.
    For example font family & size, layout of content and navigation of the website.

All our design work is bespoke, mobile ready and unique for your business.

Web Design

Content Priority

One common mistake in the early stages of a website design is to spend too much time in Photoshop looking to provide a “finished” style in the form of images.

This can be both time consuming and counterproductive. We believe the initial focus should be on content priority, this is central to our design philosophy. 

Knowing the priority of content helps as the development of the website style progresses, never losing sight of the core business messages. The first task for a new website is to establish a Content Priority document (See Fig. below).

Content Priority

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design allows the website to respond automatically to device dimensions whether on phone, tablet or desktop. One website delivers content which scales to any device size.

Fixed width websites have been the norm for many years. Typically the width of the website would be fixed to specific pixels, i.e. 960px

This is a problem when looking to deliver websites to mobile devices of varying sizes. We use Fluid Design to specify widths in percentages, not pixels.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile First

Typically, your audience will come to your website from a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

We take a “mobile first” approach by considering how core content will fit in with the limited footprint of smaller devices, i.e. Smartphones and tablets. This also helps us to establish as early as possible the content which you wish to project.

Considering content and smaller devices from the outset helps in focusing on the key business messages.

Mobile First

First Impressions Count

A professionally designed website is important to the image of any business.

We can build you a striking website design to achieve maximum impact with a site that's cleverly constructed to enable your visitors to move around quickly and easily.

Of course there are a wide range of options which may be appropriate to your business requirements.

We will be delighted to discuss your requirements, offer friendly, free advice and suggest creative, workable solutions.

Web Design