Page Layout - Easy and Intuitive

One of the key problems for non-technical users is simply creating a new page for their website and laying out the various content items. Sitefinity’s unique and intuitive page layout tools make this task much easier.

The layout tools allow you to drag-and-drop columns (2, 3 or whatever) onto the page and then drop content into these columns. You can tweak the layout further by using padding or resizing the columns using drag functionality.

Responsive Web Design ensures that all your layouts will work on mobile, with columns becoming rows on smaller devices such as smartphones.

Behind the scenes all columns are based on web mark-up called HTML DIV’s, this is important as your content will conform to web best practices. 

Web Design

Drag-and-drop columns onto your page

Built-in column sizes make it easy for you to get started and you can then fine-tune the columns to get exactly the layout you require.

Page Layout

Drop content into columns

Once the column layout is in place, you can then drop content into the columns. In the example below two columns have been populated with text and an image

Content Layout