Content - the Heart of Your Website

Content is at the heart of any website, how that content is stored and displayed on pages is central to good website management.

All Protean websites are built using the award winning Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS).

Build new pages quickly using the amazing drag-and-drop experience of Sitefinity. The layout of pages can be easily enhanced with intuitive column layout tools. Preview before publishing and use workflows to setup content approval for your business.

Sitefinity's Dashboard is the back-end for managing your website. From here you can create new pages, update images & documents, add events, manage users, produce marketing campaigns and much more.

Sitefinity Content

About Sitefinity CMS

Sitefinity is a web content management and customer analytics platform developed by Telerik, a leading developer of software tools, products and applications.

Telerik provide products to over 130,000 customers and 60,000 organisations world-wide. Telerik are part of the Progress Software Group established in 1981.

Leading organisations such as NASA, Chevron, Tetley, the BBC, Panasonic, Ikea and many more rely on Sitefinity CMS as a digital web platform.

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Integrated Features

Sitefinity has exceptional integrated features:

  • Media Content - Your digital assets (images & documents) can be organised in hierarchical libraries with categories and tags to simplify management.
  • Community Content - Events, Forums, Blogs, News and Social Media are all features which you can use to highlight your business and services.
  • Marketing - eCommerce, Email campaigns and Google Analytics are all integrated parts of the CMS, and digital assets can be reused across all these modules.
Sitefinity Events

Mobile Ready Content

Responsive Web Design is a unique and powerful feature of Sitefinity.

So when creating new pages and content you can be assured that the page will display correctly on whatever size of device is being used.

Responsive Web Design

Forms and Notifications

Multiple forms can be designed easily to capture submissions using the same drag-and-drop layout tools as used on pages. A number of form widgets can be used such as text boxes, check boxes and multi-choice controls.

Form responses are stored in the Sitefinity back-end and can be viewed at any time. Notifications can be setup to automatically email the form responses to internal addresses. 

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Content Types

Sitefinity comes complete with a number of content types such as News, Blogs, Forums and Events. A unique feature of Sitefinity is the ability to create custom content types.

Example: The Supply UK Group needed to host online examinations.

Suitable content types were created for storing examinations, questions, answers and examinees. As a result Supply UK staff can now create and maintain multiple examinations without needing any technical knowledge.

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Custom Content Types