Community Content - Keeping it Fresh

Community content enables you to create discussions, keep customers informed and engage them with your business & services.

Social media (Twitter, Facebook & Linked In) can improve your SEO efforts whilst getting your message across to the widest audience possible.

Use the events module to schedule and promote your events. Accept online payments for your hosted events.

Publish regular news and blogs to keep your content fresh and make your audience aware of developments.

Events Management


The News module allows you to incorporate news articles and display them on your web site. Create news stories, highlight your latest products, services, offers and upcoming events.

News stories can include rich text, documents and multimedia content such as video.

News Widget


Blogs can interact with your marketplace on a more personal level while building credibility. A blog is an online journal where you post entries and make them publicly accessible.

The entries are organised in reverse order, the newest post is always at the top.

Blogs Widget


The Events module provides the ability to schedule and announce events through your website. The Events module has a geo-mapping feature for the location of events.

Display maps of an event's location from leading map services; Google, Yahoo! and Live Maps.

Events Management


The Forums module enables you to run multiple forums on your Web site.

Users can create forums, start threads of questions and responses and organise the forums into categories.

Forums Management