Web Marketing - Tools to Fit Your Strategy

It's surprising how often marketing is not given the attention it deserves, or even worse is overlooked completely.

A well-designed website is only one part of digital communication and reaching the right audience for your business demands careful strategic planning. 

Implementation of marketing strategy also requires tools for delivery. Some of these tools will be off-site such as advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, direct mail or even simple leaflet drops.

Marketing tools should also be part of your website platform. All our websites are built on the Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS). Sitefinity has a number of key marketing tools built in:



eCommerce is an integral part of the Sitefinity platform. This has many advantages, for instance a library image used on a web page can be re-used later for a product in your shop front.

Widgets can be simply dragged onto pages to configure your shopping experience. Templates mean that the look-and-feel of your eCommerce shop can be tailored in virtually any way you require.

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Ecommerce Products Widget

Search Engine Optimisation

Your page titles and meta tags can be constructed right in the CMS enhancing your ranking for keywords in the popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We can walk you through the SEO process, optimise your website settings and implement more advanced SEO campaigns including tools such as social media (Facebook, Linked In, etc.).

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Email Campaigns

Targeting well-constructed emails about your products and services to your existing or prospective customers can pay dividends.

The email campaign section of Sitefinity has an intuitive drag-and-drop tool to create email templates and emails can then be broadcast to your subscribers with detailed information on number of emails delivered and opened.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is built right in to Sitefinity CMS. Use Analytics from within the Sitefinity back-end to assess your website performance; number of visitors, types of device, browser, pages visited and much more.

Analytics can help you to gain understanding of what marketing works and gain valuable insight to plan for future marketing efforts.

Google Analytics

Social Media

Getting your message out to the world of Social Media is an attractive but sometimes daunting experience.

Sitefinity can be setup to “push” content out to popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Content can also be “pulled” in from social media sites to enhance your SEO efforts.



Personalisation allows different content to be served to different types of users (user segments). 

You can build set of rules on which the user segments are based. You can then create different versions of the pages of your website.