eCommerce - One Seamless Solution

Get eCommerce up and running fast with Sitefinity by dropping widgets onto pages to create the look and feel you need.

Widgets for products, shopping basket and checkout will be placed on your pages. Add products, variations, departments and you’re practically done.

Product Variations can be setup to cater for a wide range of requirements, for example you may sell products with multiple sizes, colours or optional features. Pricing can be altered per variation.

Templates allow you to customise the shopping experience and layout your storefront to suit your business requirements.


Product Catalogs

Make distinct product types for your store (including custom fields) so you can easily create product catalogs.

Create shippable, services, downloadable or subscription-based products. Add images, videos, roles and sale prices to your products.

Customers can quickly find products and create wish lists by selecting products in departments and by using the shop-by filter and sorting the product listing.


Store Configuration

You can use offline payment methods such as purchase orders and online payment gateways such as PayFlow Pro, Paypal Standard, SagePay, Worldpay or Authorize.Net.

Setup coupon-based promotions to help market your online shop using either a percentage or pounds amount-off discount pricing. Target all of your customers or a specific customer type or group.

Delivery charges can be configured based on Weight, Price and Percentage rates.shipping with offline Delivery methods may also use real-time shipping rates with popular carriers such as UPS.


Stock, Orders and Management

Manage stock easily at the product or product variation level with Sitefinity. Display products with out-of-stock messages for better shopping experiences, future sales, and SEO results while products are being reordered. See what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered with handy inventory reports.

Dedicated pages on the website back-end allow you to view and manage orders. Each order has a status (Pending, Paid, etc).

Summary and Top-selling reports can be easily produced and exported for further analysis. Customer profiles and orders can be reviewed on the Customers page.


The Mobile Shopping Experience

Responsive Design is built into Sitefinity and so the mobile shopping is greatly enhanced.

No more pinching and zooming! Your customers will find that shopping on mobile devices matches up to the experience on larger desktop displays. 

Device emulators in the Sitefinity back-end enable you to preview on mobile devices.

Careful tweaking of templates enables us to configure your store the way that suits your business.

The graph below illustrates the rapid rise of Mobile, which now outstrips Desktop use.
Mobile Statistics