Search Engine Optimisation

Popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have robots which crawl the web constantly.

These engines then rank websites according to factors such as popularity and relevance to search phrases entered by users.

Ideally your business website will have properly constructed page titles, meta tags (hidden content) and page content to rank your website on the first page of search results for specific keywords.

We can walk you through the SEO process, optimise your website settings and implement more advanced SEO campaigns including tools such as social media (Facebook, Linked In, etc.).


Page Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

Each page of your website should ideally have three unique elements in place to enhance your SEO ranking.

A page title should be carefully designed to both inform the purpose of the page and contain key words which Search Engines such as Google will use to rank your pages.

A short, well-constructed, page description will further enhance your SEO efforts.

Sitefinity has integrated tools allowing you to do the necessary updates and filter for any pages with missing titles or descriptions.


Mobile Content and SEO Best Practice

Sitefinity and Responsive Design ensures that your content will be consistent to Search Engines no matter which device is used by visitors.

This is perfect for SEO as Google loves the fact that Responsive Design produces only one URL (location) for each of your web pages. This translates to higher traffic for your URLs and high credibility ratings from Google.


Custom URLs improve SEO performance

Sitefinity has a number of SEO features to ensure that your website has every chance of high visibility in search engine results.

URLs are the unique address for any given web page and you will have complete control over URLs within Sitefinity CMS. You can customise URLs to create an SEO friendly structure to your website improving your SEO performance.


Pay per Click

SEO takes time to yield results (typically several weeks or months), whereas Pay per Click (PPC) enables your business to immediately appear in the Ad section at the top of search results.

PPC cost can be prohibitive, depending on the keywords required, however PPC research is free allowing you to gain a good measure of the costs prior to going live.

In summary PPC costs money but can be a viable short term alternative to SEO and also complement SEO in the long term through carefully targeted campaigns.

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