Media Content - Your Digital Assets

Images, documents and videos are essential content for your website.

The Sitefinity CMS allows you to create and maintain media libraries which can then be used though-out your website.

Media can be easily uploaded and are stored within the back-end database. Having all your digital assets stored in one central repository offers many distinct advantages.

Sitefinity comes complete with drag-and-drop widgets for displaying media on your web pages. Widgets can be used to display images & image galleries, document lists & links and videos & video galleries.



Uploading images to the website media libraries is a straightforward task and does not require any specialist skills.

A neat feature of Sitefinity is that larger images (say camera photos) are automatically re-sized and compressed, this has major benefits in terms of performance on your website.

Another key feature is the thumbnail generator which automatically creates thumbnails in your preferred sizes when an image is uploaded. This can have major benefits especially in eCommerce where multiple thumbnails are being displayed for product lists.

Images can be adjusted directly within the website with simple to use tools such as crop, re-size and rotate.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is well catered for; titles, alternate text and URLs can be easily specified for each image.



Videos can be stored in Content Delivery Networks (CDN), a large system of servers in locations around the world. The advantage of CDN is an improved visitor experience through better performance, while reducing load on the website server.

CDN can also be used the store other media content types such as images and documents.

The video widget can be used to display a single video on a web page. A video gallery widget allows multiple videos to be displayed and played.

YouTube is another storage medium for video and has the benefit of spreading your video content across a wider social network, whilst moving all the “heavy lifting” to YouTube’s own servers.

The video below formed part of a Protean Web App for Supply UK.

Documents & Files

Multiple documents can be uploaded and displayed on your website; including popular formats such as Word, Excel and Adobe PDF.

As with images, documents are stored in libraries to make it easy to get organised.

Use taxonomies (Categories & Tags) to organise and group your documents.

To put documents onto your web pages there are simple to use widgets for the task. The download list widget can be dropped onto a page. You then can choose to filter the documents in the list by library, categories, tags or dates.

Displaying a link to a single document is easy using the link widget.


Taxonomies - Classify & Filter

Sitefinity has comprehensive built in Taxonomies. These provide you with the means to classify all your content whether for media or community content. This enables you to use filters throughout to retrieve information.