Responsive Web Design

All our websites are created using Responsive Web Design.

This has major benefits:

  • Pages respond to device widths and the content is easily digested, whether on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Maintaining one website for all devices consumes less man hours – resources.
  • Visitors can access all content on all devices.
  • Navigation on “touch” devices is catered for in a consistent fashion.
  • Google loves RWD and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is enhanced.
Responsive Web Design

RWD - How it Works

The technologies required for Responsive Web Design (RWD) have existed for several years. However it has taken time for these technologies to be widely available across all web platforms and browsers.

RWD takes advantage of Media Queries which query the dimensions of a visitor's web viewport. The page layout can then be made to “respond” appropriately to the width/height available.

Unlike traditional “fixed width” pages measured in pixels, RWD uses percentages and so column widths will scale up and down depending on the device width.

At lower device widths the columns will automatically change to display by row; for example a two column layout will become one column with the second column below the first. Font and image sizes can also be scaled to fit the device size.

Mobile First

Sitefinity Content Management and RWD

After your website has been designed and created, you must be able to make changes to the website without constraints whilst still adhering to RWD concepts.

All our websites are built upon the Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS).

You will have the ability to create new pages, using Sitefinity drag-and-drop features to quickly layout your content using multiple columns.

RWD technology is an integral feature of Sitefinity so any new pages will be mobile ready without the requirement for any technical skills or knowledge of RWD.

Sitefinity has a Responsive Design Engine that automatically adapts pages for any device and screen size based upon pre-defined rules. This is an integral part of the user interface and no technical knowledge is required.

Mobile Responsive Rules in Sitefinity

Responsive Rules