Templates and Styles

As part of our design and build process, all website styles are stored in the Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS).

Page Templates are created with your own branded page headers and footers, including all the styles such as font family and size. Widget Templates allow us to style individual content items which you can drop onto pages.

When creating new pages and content on your website, you will not need to start from scratch, your unique website page templates and styling will be automatically used.

Any new pages will also cater for mobile devices as Responsive Web Design will be encapsulated in your website templates.

Web Design

Page Templates

Sitefinity Page Templates encapsulate the core design elements of your website. These include page headers and footers. All new pages are based on these templates, so all you have to do is add content by dropping widgets onto the page.

Page templates need no technical knowledge to create and modify pages. All pages then have a consistent, professional look-and-feel across your entire website.

In the example below, a new page has been created using a page template. Content and Image widgets have been easily dropped onto the new page.

Page Templates

Widget Templates

Sitefinity Widgets are used to drop content onto web pages. There are a wide number of widgets available to use out-of-the-box, for example images, events, content blocks, video, download lists and ecommerce products.

All widgets have templates which can be modified and styled to suit your website. Being able to style widgets is an extremely powerful feature of Sitefinity.

In the example below, eCommerce widgets have been dropped onto a page and the widgets are styled to the companies brand requirement.

Widget Templates